New Home

New home, new town, fresh start I suppose. We're in Eagle, Colorado. Pretty small, the post office doesn't even deliver to homes(possibly because of snow but we haven't seen sufficient yet to stop a mailman), so we have a PO Box. But it's a quaint, nice little town and the people are all generally nice/helpful. I am amazed at the amount of spanish speakers here. I go into the grocery store and hear half of the communication over finding ingredients in spanish. I discovered the library in town right at opening time to find out it was reading time for kiddos up to five years old. IN SPANISH! Of course they have other days in English, I am just so grateful to be able to understand almost all of it now. And James pointed out to me that this area was owned by Mexico way back before the US had it, so that's why so many Spanish named counties and cities are here, as well as the name of the state: Colorado literally means colored in spanish. I never realized that before; that may be because some of the mountains here are red (like with red sand.)

My stepmom, Michelle was so helpful, she took off of work and drove up with me and the boys while James took care of moving our stuff from STL. I am so grateful because that trip could have been horrendous with little boys bored and tired of sitting in car seats for two days straight. Michelle tried to keep them entertained, and then helped me get the whole house organized while James started his new job here. He's enjoying it, basically the same thing that he did in St Louis full time and with benefits. I have a great picture of Michelle and the boys with a background of the Rocky Mountains on my camera, but can't find the camera cable to put it up. Probably in a box somewhere, hopefully I find it sometime soon....

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