Merry Christmas

I love Christmas...but then who doesn't. I am glad that family gets together and that it is one of the only times really respected by the rest of the world just for families. I used to say how I hated the commercialism of it, but now I recognize that I don't entirely. I don't really like the push to buy gifts and that your love (to some I think) is measured by the gift you give. But within this is a push to show others you care for them, and for others to show they care for you. No other time do aqquaintences bring you homeade jam and bread, caramels, and toffee. (I returned it with some of my homeade granola) Yet we remember the true "reason for the season." We are greatful for the birth of Christ our Lord and that we can be together as a young family and celebrate it, have a roof over our heads, food to eat, good health, and a job to ensure these things continue. We have the Lord to thank for these things.

This is our first Christmas as a small family. No family lives immediately nearby, though my sister in law, Jackie and hubby Ryan are driving through on thier move to California and will be by later today. Tomorrow or the next day we'll make the drive to Denver to see extended family of mine and visit with my brother Chris, Noelle and my only nephew Christian.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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