My dear second child has quite the imagination.  And obsession with superheroes.  In one day he was at least 4 different superheroes, the orange one being "Orange Man", aka the superhero that hits bad guys with oranges till they stop being bad.  And he is followed by Buzz.  I don't always have my camera, so I didn't capture him as his other alter ego: Super Girl (a superman costume with a 70s wig James bought for halloween)

 The park we live in has a beach, though I don't know if there's a name for it.  It has a functioning light house on it that makes the scene super nice.
This picture of the beach looks straight out of twilight to me.

 I did something crazy, and I'm really not a crazy person.  I chopped off all of my hair.  In high school it was down to my waist.  That's the kinda person I usually am----long rod straight hair and muted earthy tone clothes.   As I've gotten older, I have branched out of my comfort zone and had some fun.  Here's another thing I can now say I haved tried: the pixie cut.  It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, I decided that day to cut my hair and by 6 pm it was gone.  I didn't take any before pics, so these two silly/sweet pics with Micah are the best I have.

It's been a week yesterday and I'm slowly getting used to it.  Everyone says it's probably so much easier to take care of, but I haven't figured out how I like it best so it takes me a while to get anywhere.  I like it OK, but I'm not planning on keeping super short hair.


Home shots

I finally took some pictures around easter time of one of the floors of our house, here is the living room. This is one of the four fireplaces. I love all the windows! We haven't put up any wall hangings, I don't want to mess up this house at all! (it was built right around 1900) but I'll probably get over it soon. There are two staircases, this is what we call the grand staircase. It only goes from the main level to the second, not to the basement or the upper floor. Notice the Harry Potter room under the stairs, the first week we were here, my boys had to play in there with their flashlights.On the left side of this next pic is the front entryway.On the left side of the next picture is the room with the stairs, I'm told the foyee, or however you say it, and to the right is part of the dining room, with a built in hutch. This is the first time I wish I had fine china to display. I don't really have much to put in it to display. I forgot to take a pic of the kitchen, though it's nothing grand, but you can see the counter on the left, and to the right is the second set of stairs. From the main level this looks down to one of the two back doors and to the basement.
Here is a picture of the dining room from the living room. The hutch is on the wall opposite of the fireplace.
We love this place!! We are trying to see how we can finagle(is that a word?) staying here longer than we originally intended. The fact that this house is in a state park is just icing on the cake. The only thing I can really complain about is that it's pretty hard to keep cleaned...especially with three little boys who aren't quite ready to help with sweeping. I need to invest in one of those big brooms. ( : I'll try to take pictures of the second level with all of our rooms sometime this week.