Weekend in Denver

This past weekend the boys and I drove to Denver to spend time with family we've missed. Here are the boys with my grandmother:

Reading books with my aunt and cousin:

Their cousin Christian came for a visit. We tried to get a photo of them lined up, but this is what they had in mind.
And the lone photo I took of our trip to the children's museam. That place is so cool! Lucas looks good as a firefighter!


A few things have happened since my last post. I was just saving them all. First my anniversary plans, they went through, but we did get to go to some hot springs nearby (kidless) and go see transformers. I had a full day of activities, a hot air balloon ride too, but things just didn't workout. Then my birthday. I'm 26....I feel like I'm now older cause I've surpassed the quarter of a century that is still youthful. I think I look the same as last year though, that's a plus! And Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ryan came to visit! We went camping, bike riding, and hiking and had fun! Camping was a first, we've been wanting to go for a while, though we need to practice it more to get to boys used to it. They woke each other up in the middle of the night and started playing. I wouldn't have minded so much, but the nearby campers stayed up later partying that night and weren't too appreciative. Then my friend Lauren and I ran our 5k. It was about a ten minute a mile pace, but hey, we did it. We had only been running about 2 miles so we did ok. I'm happy to have run a race, it was my first! As for pictures, I've been bad, the only pictures I have of any of this stuff is what Ryan and Jackie took and gave to me, but they made up for my lack of photography by taking a whole lot. Here are some of them in no special order: