Weekend update

This weekend was one I'll never forget. First off, Daddy and Cobin built a 6 foot 2 inches four tiered snowman. Pretty nice, we have a permanent greeter near the walkway to our door.

Then I hosted the first recital for my voice and piano students. I was nervous, though I shouldn't have been cause I wasn't doing any performing. It went great and I was really happy with all of my student's performances. Here are most of my students with me and the accompanist, Leah. (I'm not sure why, there's a creepy spot on my shirt that wasn't there, maybe another camera's glare?)


Thanksgiving break

For the week of thanksgiving, we traveled down to Oklahoma, then to Texas and back. First night we barely made it in time for Nikki and me to head out to New Moon. I really liked it, considering that it was my least favorite of the four books. Thanks Nikki! In Texas we had two Thanksgiving meals, and we each gained a few pounds, which we are trying to work off. The first was with my dad and Grandma Sharon. Here's some pics from that:

Then, the Daughertys and Michelle and Chris got together for the second. Here you can see just how hard James and Chris were working...playing a rented star wars Wii game....
Lucas was so tired from all the commotion that he just konked out on the couch. So cute!
While in town I got to hang out with my school days amiga, Margaret. Miss you Maggie!
And last night a friend had a disco bowling party! I loved the idea though not many people went dressed up. I wouldn't have dressed up except James was all geared up for it. I think this is the only time in the past year he went shopping....( : So I had to do a little something too. In the end, it was a blast. We had a babysitter and a good night out.


My two little boys

Yesterday we made binoculars out of empty toilet paper rolls. Some of their books, like Diego, have them and so they colored them and I taped them together. They loved them and were looking at birds in this picture.This is kind of a crazy looking picture...but funny...they were so serious!Here they are after a bath in the towels great grandma jones sent them.



Last week at church I taught a YW lesson on substance abuse. I think I might have made an impression! One of the girls later put their status on facebook as "If you're happy and you know it don't do meth.." Gotta love it! ( :


Catching up

I'll go backwards....Here are my little boys for Halloween. Introducing: Pete and Pete's dragon, Elliot. On Oct. 26, Lucas turned two! He's been pretty obsesseded with balloons, so here's the best cake I could come up with.
And he's been potty training! He's not taking to it quite like Cobin did, but he's doing pretty good. And he obviously loved the potty book that says "Yea" or "Uh-oh" from Pappy.

Earlier this month I got to fly out (all by myself!) to St. Louis to sing at some college friends' wedding. Here's the happy couple:

Me and Katie:
Me and Chrissy (twin sis)
And some of my girlfriends from my old ward. Yes, that's a Scentsy party.

Overall it's been a fun fall so far!



My dad decided to get married in Jamaica, so we all got together for a cruise. James and I have been before, but he got kinda seasick so he bowed out this vacation. And Grandma Pearl came up to play with the boys so Daddy could keep working. Before we went on the cruise we met up in Galveston. L to R: me, new stepmom Sharon, Dad, Preston, and Kyle. Here is the Carnival cruise ship Conquest. We went to Montigo Bay, Jamaica, Grand Caymen, Caymen Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico.
In Jamaica this guy insisted that we get a pic with him. Then afterwards insisted we tip him for it! Other than him, I am flanked by my dad and little bro.
In the Camyen Islands, we got to swim with this dolphin named Sally. She was great, gave us a ride, let us pet her and danced and sang. Oh yea, she gave us all a kiss on the cheek! You just can't be around dolphins without smiling...they always are!After the dolphins we went to a bay and swam with practically domesticated sting rays. That was so cool, they weren't quite like I expected, but it's too hard to describe. You'll have to go check them out yourselves... This was the formal night, though lots didn't really dress up, I was suprised to see Preston in a suit and tie!
I've been working out alot and I was strong enough to hold up the whole ship!
Here is the beach at Tulum ruins in Mexico. James and I went here for our honeymoon, made me really miss him.I didn't bring my swimsuit to the beach so I just played in the sand.



I've held back for too long. I've denied Lucas, until recently what has to be his favorite food: Ramen. This was (I think) the first time I'd ever given it to him, and he just couldn't shovel it in quick enough! This might not be as funny to everyone else as it is his parents, but I just can't watch the first couple of seconds without laughing.



Last week we took a trip south. We hung out with some friends in Oklahoma City for a couple of days before we went on to Ft. Worth. Daddy took his chemistry final (and made a 96 on it, woohoo!) while both grandmas and a great grandma of the boys and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Then Grandma Pearl got us a hookup at a bed and breakfast. I've always wanted to go, and it was so nice, they even made heart shaped gingerbread cookies and iced them with our names. Of course, I left my camera somewhere else. Now that James is in his first full time job, I can really appreciate the vacation time the government gives.
We got back Sunday night and on tuesday I had a minor surgery. All went well, I'm just doing this post on a little bit of Percacet. hopefully it's coherent...( :


Weekend in Denver

This past weekend the boys and I drove to Denver to spend time with family we've missed. Here are the boys with my grandmother:

Reading books with my aunt and cousin:

Their cousin Christian came for a visit. We tried to get a photo of them lined up, but this is what they had in mind.
And the lone photo I took of our trip to the children's museam. That place is so cool! Lucas looks good as a firefighter!


A few things have happened since my last post. I was just saving them all. First my anniversary plans, they went through, but we did get to go to some hot springs nearby (kidless) and go see transformers. I had a full day of activities, a hot air balloon ride too, but things just didn't workout. Then my birthday. I'm 26....I feel like I'm now older cause I've surpassed the quarter of a century that is still youthful. I think I look the same as last year though, that's a plus! And Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ryan came to visit! We went camping, bike riding, and hiking and had fun! Camping was a first, we've been wanting to go for a while, though we need to practice it more to get to boys used to it. They woke each other up in the middle of the night and started playing. I wouldn't have minded so much, but the nearby campers stayed up later partying that night and weren't too appreciative. Then my friend Lauren and I ran our 5k. It was about a ten minute a mile pace, but hey, we did it. We had only been running about 2 miles so we did ok. I'm happy to have run a race, it was my first! As for pictures, I've been bad, the only pictures I have of any of this stuff is what Ryan and Jackie took and gave to me, but they made up for my lack of photography by taking a whole lot. Here are some of them in no special order:


Hanging Lake

Yesterday we went on another hike. This time, we went to Hanging Lake in the Glenwood Canyon, which has some georgeous views! It was a three mile hike up to the lake and back. Not too far, but the trail is loaded with big rocks you constantly have to maneuver around, anpretty steep. The thing that was hard was carrying the kids on our back, but they had fun and Cobin hiked when he could.

Here are our hiking companions, equally loaded down.

So beautiful!!