What we've been up to

Ok, this may be my longest blog ever. We went to the zoo with some friends, though the only time we could all make it together was during spring break, which I don't recommend. My favorite part was when we saw the Komodo Dragon. I told them what was in there (because they wanted to know the names) and they were so excited to see a real dragon! LOL, but their favorite part was probably the alligators and sharks.My most recent project is refinishing this table. My brother came over to help, so I snapped this rare picture of him working hard...( ; j/k. This project has become a headache though. Never try to finish a table with epoxy. It doesn't work. Hopefully I can finish it before we move.
Last weekend we went camping. I really like camping with family because there's practically no temptation of being pulled away from family time. There is such a focus on togetherness it's hard not to have fun and know that everyone is cared about. And it doesn't hurt that my dad has a camper with ac and heat..among other things. It's fully loaded.
Here is dirt dessert. If you have little kiddos, this is a fun treat.....these boys sure did like it!A while ago we celebrated my Mother In Law's birthday. I made and ice cream cake, which turned out pretty good, and we had a little celebration in her honor. We made our own card, which Cobin illustrated and wrote. It's amazing how I taught this boy to read and write, yet he can argue with me that 'Grandma' is not spelled that way, it is GRAMMA. I did teach him phonetics, so I guess I shouldn't take it to0 personally. And you can also see that 'from' is actually spelled FRUM.
And last but not least, we made some easter egg and bunny cookies to pass out. and eat. We were going to fill in the piping, but most of them disappeared before we got around to it. Happy Easter!
In 1 week I get to be reunited with my husband!! I'm not counting or anything. ( :


Moving. Again.

I'm full of mixed emotions right now. I am a settle-down kinda person, but we are not going to be settling down much. Our family is going to be relocated to Seattle very soon. I'm sure that'll be great and all, but the last month before a move is always really tough: planning the move, trying to find a new home while tying up loose ends at the old, and for me the worst is leaving people behind and trying to make new friends. This time I am leaving family. I got to spend an amazing Sunday afternoon/evening with my family. I can't wait for my little family to be reunited, however, I dread leaving not only my side of the family, but my in-laws as well. They have been great to me and I hope they all know how much I love them. I've had some good things to post but just haven't wanted to sit down and face how I'm feeling. Maybe after getting this out I'll be able to post them. Tomorrow....