i was tagged.- I suppose this is enough to get me to blog...
i am: happy.
i think: too much into things.
i know: being in debt sucks.
i want: to master snowboarding.
i dislike: the smell of perfumes.
i miss: texas.
i fear: car accidents on ice/snow.
i feel: grateful for the invite to the fabulous valentines girls night out party.
i hear: the printer fan and james talking to his dad on the phone.
i smell: my vanilla sugar bath and body lotion.
i crave: chocolate.
i cry: rarely.
i usually: grow my hair out then chop it off in regular cycles.
i search: for honesty. it is one of the most important virtues to me.
i wonder: what adventures our family will embark upon before (if) we settle down.
i regret: not being more outgoing as a child/teenager.
i love: music.
i care: about the environment.
i always: go for convenience over looks.
i worry: that i'm not going to be a good enough mom.
i am not: as good on the piano as I want to be.
i remember: alot of inconsequential things.
i believe: in Jesus Christ as my Redeemer.
i dance: swing!
i sing: in the shower, in the car, and randomly throughout the day.
i don't always: cook dinner, we eat leftovers whenever we have them.
i argue: sometimes when I want attention.
i write: in my journal every now and then.
i win: airhockey. James once thought it was a fluke till i beat him 7-2 three times in a row.
i lose: any video games.
i wish: that plane tickets were free.
i listen: to pandora.
i don’t understand: computer jargon.
i can usually be found: at home with the kids.
i am afraid: of jumping off of a high diving board.
i need: time to myself occasionally.
i forget: little. if i do, i can't remember what it is right now.
i am happy: with where I am in life, based on the decisions I've made.
I now tag: Wackie Jackie, Maryann, Rebecca, Twyla, and Miranda.