Yesterday we celebrated my nephew's birthday. He turned four and is very into Buzz Lightyear. I had the pleasure of making him a spaceship cake. (I think the photo doesn't do it justice, there were sprinkles and contours that you can't see here) I had lots of fun making it.
And here is a fun picture from our photoshoot. Not as formal, but definitely my favorite!
I have gotten 3 phone calls and one letter from my man. I sure do miss him. *Sigh* I am grateful, though that when I see him next, he will know how to iron and fold his laundry. ( :


It has set in. James is gone for four months, and a big chunk of that I don't get to talk to him on a cell phone. That's military life, I guess. I am definitely a little saddened, but I do have a game plan, so I won't be bored...as if I could really be that bored raising 3 kids 4 and under alone. I'd like to keep working on playing the ukulele James bought me for my birthday. And, my sis in law is a fitness guru and gave me a workout plan, which is great since I do "lazy" workouts and just run. Cobin was doing them with me, and today I let him use my 1 lb. dumbells.
James's birthday was the 6th, the big 3-0. He didn't really want a party or anything, so we had a low-key celebration, just us and the kiddos. I made him some themed cupcakes(supposed to be anchors). They were last minute, so they weren't all that complex and I didn't get a great pic, but heres what I have.
Here is a picture of my big boy Micah. See his rolls? hehe
And, I am no longer the proud owner of a minivan. I really did like it. But I've moved on...to this:
It's a 2008 Ford Explorer. I really like that I can fit all three carseats right behind me. There is a third row if we need it someday. Sunroof and leather seats, woohoo!