Yesterday we celebrated my nephew's birthday. He turned four and is very into Buzz Lightyear. I had the pleasure of making him a spaceship cake. (I think the photo doesn't do it justice, there were sprinkles and contours that you can't see here) I had lots of fun making it.
And here is a fun picture from our photoshoot. Not as formal, but definitely my favorite!
I have gotten 3 phone calls and one letter from my man. I sure do miss him. *Sigh* I am grateful, though that when I see him next, he will know how to iron and fold his laundry. ( :


Lori Ann said...

Love the cake and the cute new family pictures!

Mare said...

I LOVE love love the photo. You guys look great!

Sharla said...

Yay for blogs :). I love your family pic! Man, 4 months ... hope I can be of help keeping you busy while your man is gone. Looking forward to hanging out!