SLC Trip and Ganache Cake

The youth at our church had a three day weekend (thanks to a teacher work day) so we had planned out a trip to Salt Lake City. It was involved but such a great idea and it went without hitch. We drove out friday night and spent saturday touring temple square and visited the Oquirrh (sp?) temple. We went to church and had a picnic/bbq on Sunday and went home on monday.
Here is a picture of a beautiful sculpture of Jesus Christ:

It was really a fun weekend. I came home and have been having the itch to learn a new trade: cake decorating. I'm more of an ice cream person, but there are so many cool things you can do with a cake! I then came up with a list of three cake types I wanted to make and had my brother pick which I should start with, and he picked the chocolate ganache cake. I got the idea from a fellow blog, but I don't seem to be able to copy the link today. Here it is as my novice attempt at smooth. Almost looks like a blob, but I did neglect one important step and nearly dropped the whole cake because of it. It tasted fabulous though.And here it is with some really homeade looking swirls. I'll need to practice on those.