Mommy and Cobin's first successful sledding day! (the first time we didn't have waterproof snowpants and cobin hated it) Cobin and Lucas reading together. I was sure that by the time I ran upstairs to get my camera and came back Lucas would have moved on, but here they are!
Cobins toys going for a drive: the toy in front is the car. He's wearing his transformer pjs from aunt Jackie and he loves them.


Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

Today James and I gave our first talks here in this ward. Mine was over Pray Always by David A. Bednar from last GC. I really like that talk. It's such a relief to have it done because I get so nervous about it, but with each one I get a little better at conquering that unneccesary fear. What really made my day though, was when we were at home eating lunch after church. Cobin started to sing a new song, one I hadn't taught him. Here's how it sounded: "Something something a suuuuuunbeam, a suuuuunbeam, a suuuuunbeam" So nursery workers/MaryAnn: He's retaining something! Thanks! Made me smile.


Book Freebie

Recently, with the job change and move, finances have become a hot topic in the Daugherty house. We have a plan, but I came across this freebie from a Parent's featured blog: for a few more days Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan is downloadable from oprah's website. This book is new, soon to be released. Here's the link: http://www.oprah.com/article/oprahshow/20081119_tows_bookdownload


Yea! Family Pics!

We have never taken family photos. James has always refused the phoniness of Sears-like photos and I've never really liked them either. So when a friend from Texas took Jackie's bridal photos, I went with them and hit her up for some family pics. I'm very happy with them, thanks Denise!



I have been trying to get used to the snow, not really liking the cold here. But here is one thing that makes it more ok. These pictures were taken from inside my house.... and this is a frequent view around here. On our way home from church the other day we saw about 50 hanging out in a snow covered field half a mile from our house. When they come by Cobin just stares at them in awe.