Lucas turned 5 just 5 days before Halloween, so we had a costume party.  A STAR WARS themed costume party.  I think Lucas was happy with the cake depiction of Annikan and Obi Wan duking it out.  
Making a wish...
Our little Ewok
Light Saber fight
Yoda fights with the force.


Blueberry Farm

We finally got around to taking our computer to the shop.  Its all fixed and now I can post.  It was a bad hard drive, but we had a warranty, thank goodness. 

There is a lovely farm here that we visited to pick blueberries for the first time.  It was so much fun!!  And tasty.  Do they seriously think anyone can pick them without sampling along the way?  I hope not, because we all did, especially Micah.  I finally convinced him to drop one in the bucket but he got it back out and into his mouth.  He picked a bunch but didn't contribute to the take-home at all.  We later had a couple batches of blueberry muffins and some blueberry pancakes.  We'll be back next year for sure.