It's been a while.  Two children have had birthdays, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, we've started another school year, hosted thanksgiving, and are waiting the birth of our fourth child.  Whew, all caught up!  I've been tired and doing projects in the spaces between.  Not to mention loving my children.  We are all the happiest we've been perhaps since we were first married.  Some of that is due to a good job fit (for James) having fun with my children every day homeschooling(me) and lots of spiritual growth for both of us.  Our little boy should be here mid January and we're all so excited.  This is the first new addition since we began homeschooling, so I'm a little nervous.  I have planned though, we began schooling in July and the district doesn't start until September; we've got a month we can comfortably take off.  The next big adventure we have planned is relocating sometime next summer, but we won't know where until early-mid spring. We got some great family photos one beautiful day here in Seattle before we leave, one of which is now the header to this blog.  Merry Christmas everyone!