Yes, I'm a little behind. here is what the boys and I put together for daddy for father's day....stuff for the superhero he is! I got the idea here:
http://alphamom.com/family-fun/holidays/diy-fathers-day-gift-superhero-craft/Very soon after that, Mr. C turned 5!!! He wanted a dino cake...specifically a T-Rex. Then later he kept talking about volcanoes, so I added that too. A very friendly looking T-Rex, but he really liked it. The volcano was a real lava-pouring volcano (coke and mentos) but I got that on video, not picture. This is post wish/singing/lava-flowing:Close up of the dino....my favorite part is his teeth. ( :Then to top off the celebration, we went to the Science Center for the dinosaur exhibit.
This was fun for the whole family. Mr. C got some cool stuff...one of the cool things being a dinosaur tag book, which he happens to be reading now, otherwise I might not have been reminded to post these pics.


Happy 4th!

Lucas has loved this song for a while. He is finally singing it on a day that makes sense! (Please excuse the pb&j on his face, during lunch. and the fact that it is sideways, I don't know how to fix that)