I've held back for too long. I've denied Lucas, until recently what has to be his favorite food: Ramen. This was (I think) the first time I'd ever given it to him, and he just couldn't shovel it in quick enough! This might not be as funny to everyone else as it is his parents, but I just can't watch the first couple of seconds without laughing.



Last week we took a trip south. We hung out with some friends in Oklahoma City for a couple of days before we went on to Ft. Worth. Daddy took his chemistry final (and made a 96 on it, woohoo!) while both grandmas and a great grandma of the boys and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Then Grandma Pearl got us a hookup at a bed and breakfast. I've always wanted to go, and it was so nice, they even made heart shaped gingerbread cookies and iced them with our names. Of course, I left my camera somewhere else. Now that James is in his first full time job, I can really appreciate the vacation time the government gives.
We got back Sunday night and on tuesday I had a minor surgery. All went well, I'm just doing this post on a little bit of Percacet. hopefully it's coherent...( :