Wow, that all went by so quickly. It was oh so enjoyable though! Our preschool coop had a nativity act with a couple of songs at a retirement center. Cobin isn't actually part of the coop, but he got to participate by narrating (since the 3 year olds could never have memorized any parts.) Lucas and Cobin are on the right side back row.
In the Seattle Center, right next to the space needle, there was a miniature town with 2 trains. It was awesome, the boys loved it. It even had a hot air balloon---Lucas was ecstatic. I snapped a sweet photo of Micah as one of the trains approached.A snapshot of our Christmas day chaos:One of the gifts most beloved to the boys was a couple of nerf dart guns. I think Cobin was done away with in this picture.Lucas's shirt came off because they were running around so much, here he stopped for a reload.
Christmas morning with homeade lightsabers. To make Christmas a little more special, we each crafted something for everyone else. This was Daddy's gift to them. I think Lucas was probably making sound effects in this pic.
Christmas day was on a sunday, so we had a short service at church with music and a speaker or two. That time helped remind me of so many special things to be grateful for. I am so grateful for Jesus's birth and look forward to celebrating it every year!

As for our New Years' celebrating? We've never really cared enough to stay up late. We went to bed at our normal, pre-midnight hour. The next door neighbors didn't. They also didn't observe that fireworks are illegal, but oh well. We rang in the new year with fireworks lighting up our home from right outside! Happy New Year to everyone!