Elmos everywhere..

Micah has really gotten into Elmo since family gave him a Singing Elmo for christmas last year.  So, for Micah's second birthday, I made Elmo cupcakes.  He also got an Elmo chair and phone as well as some clothes and a big Woody and Bullseye from Toy Story.  My baby's growing up so fast.  ( :  Just about potty training time!



My latest adventure was stand up paddle boarding (SUP) with my sister in law.  We were very ambitious and wouldn't settle with wasting our time on a silly lake.....we paddle boarded across Elliot Bay.  Amazingly, we didn't get in the way of the ferries or container ship that went by when we were out, though we did have to stop often for smaller private vessels.  While we were out we saw several jelly fish and a seal close up.  We both fell in--paddle boarding requires extreme balance and the water was cold!!  The water rocking my board left me with that sensation the ground is moving until the next day and I am still sore from the 3-4 hour balancing and paddling workout, but it was worth it.  I have a little fear of deep water (including deep ends of swimming pools) so I feel great having stared down the murky waters of the Puget Sound.   



I have been planning my ten year anniversary perhaps since before we got married-Hawaii.  The one place I have wanted to visit in my lifetime was Hawaii.  I would like to visit other places, but Hawaii is the place on the top of my list, by a big margin.  We were going to go to Japan this year (our 9th anniversary) and to Hawaii next, but some kinks in our plans threw us to Hawaii this year instead.  My mom came to babysit the kids while James and I went for a week.  And somehow we were able to swing it practically free!  We were so blessed to be able to go and I want to cherish it with a blog post full of some of my favorite pictures.