First day of School

Our family blogging may take a nosedive. We've begun homeschooling Cobin and doing a preschool co-op for Lucas two days a week. Cobin's schooling is actually public school(funded by and adheres to most public school programs), but it is virtual and I am the "learning coach," so basically I run all of his instruction with the curriculum thats provided for free. The pictures are actually the first day of school for them, even though Cobin didn't go anywhere...( : It has been an adjustment for the family, dinners are a lot simpler, but we've gotten the hang of it down and have finished over 10% of the school year on this last day of September. It has been really good for Lucas to have his own "school" so he doesn't feel left out, and there are lots of instruction for Cobin that I include Lucas in, such as story reading and coloring. It is more difficult, but I feel a joy when I think of the ability I have to spend quality time with my children whenever I want and know they are getting the best care. I may not always be able to homeschool our children, but for now, I am happy with the decision.