A few of the beautiful afternoons we couldn't take another minute of unpacking, we went out to explore our new surroundings. These are some of the pics we took, starting with Alki Beach(this is also my blog header, but without cropping):We found this street sign somewhat humorous:These next pics are from Gas Works Park:Playing with a toy parachute manThis day we went to Lincoln Park/Beach: And lastly a park a block from our home. We went out several days to fly kites, but whenever we were ready, the wind was not. One day we went and it was finally perfect to fly, but I don't think I got a picture of it up.


Not so fun adventure...

The other day I let Cobin and Lucas have a penny each in the car because the idea of money fascinated them. Lucas brought his in after a long morning trip to the DMV to get a new driver's license. I started my video workout after Micah went down for a nap, and the big boys were playing in the same room with me. I knew Lucas still had the penny, but I didn't expect him to tell me he had just swallowed it(around 11 am.) It was clearly an accident (not that it was in the mouth, but that it had gone down) because he was upset and began to cry. He was breathing fine, so I didn't freak, but I called the ped. She said take him to the ER right away, just in case. Usually in these situations the coins will just pass through, but I was pretty sure it was in his throat because when I kept asking where it was, he kept pointing to his lower throat. We got to the nearest ER where he was asked to get an xray. Here's what it looked like:
The doc said that its rare for them to not go down, so he gave Lucas some juice to drink and then we waited a bit before the next xray to see for any progress. None. He said that it was only the 2nd case in 20 years where it didn't go down....and that it looked way too big to be a penny, it had to be a quarter. (I think I should know since I was there and there were no quarters or other coins available, but whatever doc) He was going to consult with the children's hospital at that point. They wanted to transport him by ambulance so he could get immediate treatment if it shifted in a bad way, and then they would remove it at the hospital. After several hours with all three kids in the ER, I finally got ahold of James and he came to get the other boys just in time for me to be able to ride with Lucas in the ambulance. He was super duper excited to ride in one, but halfway through fell asleep since he never got his nap. At the children's hospital, we got one more xray to verify it hadn't moved, and then called in an ENT. Lucas was given general anesthesia and then the cent was removed with some kind of scope and forceps. Afterwards he got popsicles and was happy. He only had breakfast and didn't get to eat anything until 9 at night. I am so grateful for hospitals and people who know how to help my children when I can't!!


Fremont Troll

In Seattle, there is a landmark known as the Fremont Troll. And he actually lives under a bridge! One of my favorite movies is 10 Things I Hate About You, and this troll is in one of the scenes, so I thought it was so cool! The boys were a little wary at first, lol!Here's the whole thing: I'm not sure what Daddy was looking for...
That is an actual VW Beetle in his grasp.


The Adventure

I'll get caught up eventually....we're still unpacking. Did I mention we're now residents of Seattle, and can call ourselves washingtonians? ( : Cobin and Daddy took the drive while the rest of us flew. Can't imagine the long trip for baby. Daddy wanted to make it a real adventure (and so that's what Cobin called the whole thing) so they made several stops. Carlsbad Caverns in NM was the first stop.
Next was an overnight with a friend in AZ. No pictures though. Follow that by a stay with Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ryan in San Diego. Sea World!!! Here they are taking in the Shamoo show. Somewhere we have pics of the animals and water ride.
After San Diego, they went up the coast of California through the Redwood National Forest.



James graduated in early May after a long 17 weeks! translation: 4 months, and I got to go. Here are some of the pics: