The Adventure

I'll get caught up eventually....we're still unpacking. Did I mention we're now residents of Seattle, and can call ourselves washingtonians? ( : Cobin and Daddy took the drive while the rest of us flew. Can't imagine the long trip for baby. Daddy wanted to make it a real adventure (and so that's what Cobin called the whole thing) so they made several stops. Carlsbad Caverns in NM was the first stop.
Next was an overnight with a friend in AZ. No pictures though. Follow that by a stay with Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ryan in San Diego. Sea World!!! Here they are taking in the Shamoo show. Somewhere we have pics of the animals and water ride.
After San Diego, they went up the coast of California through the Redwood National Forest.


Sharla said...

Wow! Love the redwood photos! What a great adventure ;)

The Kelly Family said...

What an awesome experience for them!