October festivities

Earlier this month I used my sewing machine...for a few days straight. I sewed my sister in law's baby shower gift...it's a girl!! Nice to use some pink fabric for someone in the family!
Then I made a couple of festive pillows. I saw some BOO ones similar to these online, and I wanted to make something else to match, so I dreamed up the cat pillow. I want to make a wall hanging with these fabrics, but seeing as how today is halloween, it will be waiting till another year.Lucas's original due date was today...Oct. 31st! But he arrived on the 26th and so we had a birthday party recently. This little man is now 4! He wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake, so he got one, with lots of sparkling candles for some extra excitement.And lastly, we had our church's halloween party saturday night. Cobin was an army man, Micah matched, but had a pumpkin jacket on some of the time.....and Lucas was superman. On the way there, Lucas was telling what he'd do if someone saw him: "They'll think I'm superman, but I'll tell them, No, I'm just dressed up as him. I'm Lucas!"And here, Cobin's photography skills captured Huckleberry Finn(you can't see my highwaters) and a 70's tennis player...possibly John McEnroe with a clean mouth. Thank goodness for everyones sake I talked James out of wearing really short white shorts. His argument: it'd be way more authentic...



Our family went out to Forks over labor day weekend. We took a ferry, which is pretty cool. I wish I had some photos from that. The boys have since reconstructed the ferry ride with blocks and matchbox cars because they loved it so much.
I have to say I like the Twilight series, but if I lived there, I'd hate it...the small town has become quite commercialized. What's gonna happen to it when society isn't interested anymore?
Next is Bella's truck....there were two for some reason, and I doubt either were actually used in the movie.
We stayed overnight in the cutest teeny cabin...here's a picture of the bedroom..
and here are the big boys on the living room couch pull out. We would rather have camped, but Micah would probably cry and wake up the other campers. It worked out better in the cabin, especially because there was a heater. and a shower.Here you can see how crazy the greenery is..this picture is from the Hoh national rainforest. Moss was EVERYWHERE.
We haven't found daddy any rainboots yet, but the big boys and I had fun playing in the water on First Beach. This is as far west as we've ever been!
Daddy tickling Micah with sea kelp root. Yuck.
Some of the pictures are of different beaches, the next two are from La Push down on the Quiluete indian reservation.
And going home...


A while ago...actually several months ago I posted about the table I was refinishing. Here's the pic again of my brother helping me sand it off:
That sucker took a ton of work. Mostly because I made a mistake, but to sum it up... my advice to anyone is to never use epoxy on furniture, only very small projects. It could have been much easier if I skipped that step. I love it though, it now fits our larger family, plus some! And I got it at a thrift store for $65.
I'm sure it'd look lovelier with some decorations, but I'm quite happy just seeing it clean.

For Lucas's preschool co-op, we needed aprons, so I made 5 little aprons out of some yellow and red vinyl I had left over from another project and added bias tape around the neck. He is here modeling after practically a whole day wearing it in front of the kitchen sink. This boy LOVES playing with water. I just add a few toys, measuring cup, medicine dropper, etc and a little soap for bubbles and he's good for an hour, perhaps more.This last picture is a project I started about a year ago when in Colorado. I didn't finish it for the fall decorations then, but here they are! Cute cloth pumpkins. Although they don't look so cute here, I think I need to take a photography class.
There have always been plenty, it seems a majority, of people that say fall is their favorite season. I never understood it, everything dies, who enjoys that?? My favorite season has always been spring. BUT...I am really enjoying this fall, the excitement our kids have over remembering decorations from last year, pulling them out. Traditions. ( : My favorite season might be changing...