Our family went out to Forks over labor day weekend. We took a ferry, which is pretty cool. I wish I had some photos from that. The boys have since reconstructed the ferry ride with blocks and matchbox cars because they loved it so much.
I have to say I like the Twilight series, but if I lived there, I'd hate it...the small town has become quite commercialized. What's gonna happen to it when society isn't interested anymore?
Next is Bella's truck....there were two for some reason, and I doubt either were actually used in the movie.
We stayed overnight in the cutest teeny cabin...here's a picture of the bedroom..
and here are the big boys on the living room couch pull out. We would rather have camped, but Micah would probably cry and wake up the other campers. It worked out better in the cabin, especially because there was a heater. and a shower.Here you can see how crazy the greenery is..this picture is from the Hoh national rainforest. Moss was EVERYWHERE.
We haven't found daddy any rainboots yet, but the big boys and I had fun playing in the water on First Beach. This is as far west as we've ever been!
Daddy tickling Micah with sea kelp root. Yuck.
Some of the pictures are of different beaches, the next two are from La Push down on the Quiluete indian reservation.
And going home...

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