Weekend update

This weekend was one I'll never forget. First off, Daddy and Cobin built a 6 foot 2 inches four tiered snowman. Pretty nice, we have a permanent greeter near the walkway to our door.

Then I hosted the first recital for my voice and piano students. I was nervous, though I shouldn't have been cause I wasn't doing any performing. It went great and I was really happy with all of my student's performances. Here are most of my students with me and the accompanist, Leah. (I'm not sure why, there's a creepy spot on my shirt that wasn't there, maybe another camera's glare?)


Thanksgiving break

For the week of thanksgiving, we traveled down to Oklahoma, then to Texas and back. First night we barely made it in time for Nikki and me to head out to New Moon. I really liked it, considering that it was my least favorite of the four books. Thanks Nikki! In Texas we had two Thanksgiving meals, and we each gained a few pounds, which we are trying to work off. The first was with my dad and Grandma Sharon. Here's some pics from that:

Then, the Daughertys and Michelle and Chris got together for the second. Here you can see just how hard James and Chris were working...playing a rented star wars Wii game....
Lucas was so tired from all the commotion that he just konked out on the couch. So cute!
While in town I got to hang out with my school days amiga, Margaret. Miss you Maggie!
And last night a friend had a disco bowling party! I loved the idea though not many people went dressed up. I wouldn't have dressed up except James was all geared up for it. I think this is the only time in the past year he went shopping....( : So I had to do a little something too. In the end, it was a blast. We had a babysitter and a good night out.