Yesterday I was listening to conference and heard yet again that we need to have uplifting pictures in our home...but the good ones all cost so much! So we haven't ever bought any, nor do we want to spend the money on it now, so I decided to paint again. The temple I painted wasn't good enough for me to want to hang it up, so I tried something else. I did a water color of the well known praying hands. The image on the right is mine and the other one I found on the internet. I only took a pic of mine and didn't scan it so it looks darker than it really is. I think I'm gonna keep with this, watercolors are growing on me.

And, Cobin has yet again made us laugh! He has a kiddie size pastry brush he calls his broom, as in a Harry Potter flying broom. He took out our broom, the full size, from its cubby and said "Can you help me mommy?" "Help you what?" "Fly." As serious as asking for milk. He had already asked James that and asked me as I walked in from the garage... and added when told that we can't fly... "But Harry Potter can fly!" LOL, tv really isn't something young kids can understand yet, which is why we don't let him watch the scary parts of Harry Potter, or any other movie.