Introducing Micah

Here is Micah. We weren't expecting him to show until tuesday, which is when the induction was scheduled...both the other boys waited until the induction. There was a baby shower at 7 friday night, and that's when we went up to the hospital! Bummer, I missed out on the cake and ice cream... I hadn't realized I was in labor, and he'd been pretty sleepy, so we went in to make sure everything was ok and ended up staying. When I was at a 6 the doc gave me a little pitocin to speed things up, and by 12:20 saturday morning he arrived. He weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 22 inches long. Everything went great!
Proud Papa!The next day a visitor took our photo, after very little rest.This was right after he got cleaned up, I still had the shakes.
Micah's first bathAunt Jackie has been helping out with our big brothers. We were lucky she came early!The boys meeting their new baby brother and so excited!



About time for an update, I woke up at 5 am and couldn't sleep any more, and it's about to get a lot busier around here with baby number three. The boys and I took another trip to Texas and had lots of fun doing whatever we wanted! They got to spend lots of time with their cousin. Here is one of those attempts at a cute matching picture with shirts granny bought in Hawaii... This was the best one!
Superhero costume time, each with their own idea of showing off their muscles.We got to see a friend of mine and her little boy James.One of the days we were there we crammed in lots of fun stuff: firehouse, trinity park, and botanical gardens with granny.
One of the weekends we got to go camping in Pappy's trailer. Lucas liked being inside where it was cooler.And this one, Pappy was trying to get a Monkey See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and here's what we got:
I have been avoiding all photos, as most people do when they aren't feeling photogenic, but I have pre deliver pictures with the other pregnancies, so I let daddy take one of me last night. I have been having lots of contractions, but nothing regular enough. If I don't deliver by next tuesday, I have an appointment with the hospital for an induction. 6 Days!!!