Here is a sweet pic of Micah in his monkey costume....I just couldn't wait to snap some pics of him in it.

A few days ago I was preparing dinner. Lucas was "helping" me by passing me things. When I told him that cutting the onions makes me cry, he was bothered by it and said "Don't cry Momma." When I didn't stop, he said "You know what?" and then he proceeded to make up a joke (that wasn't really funny) to get me to stop crying. He is so empathetic for a three year. His birthday is tuesday but we'll be celebrating it tomorrow. I'm actually baking his cake now that the boys are down....smells good!


I gave my first solo attempt at canning the other day with crabapple jelly. Lucas helped me clean and sort them. It turned out good, though it had bubbles in it. I'm gonna make another attempt soon.
Sunday Micah received his baby blessing at church and we managed to get a couple family pics, our first as a family of 5! He barely fit into his 0-3 month outfit, he's getting chubby so quick. I love chubby baby cheeks, they are perfect for mother's kisses!