Here is a sweet pic of Micah in his monkey costume....I just couldn't wait to snap some pics of him in it.

A few days ago I was preparing dinner. Lucas was "helping" me by passing me things. When I told him that cutting the onions makes me cry, he was bothered by it and said "Don't cry Momma." When I didn't stop, he said "You know what?" and then he proceeded to make up a joke (that wasn't really funny) to get me to stop crying. He is so empathetic for a three year. His birthday is tuesday but we'll be celebrating it tomorrow. I'm actually baking his cake now that the boys are down....smells good!


Anonymous said...

He is SOOOOOO cute! I can’t wait to cuddle him =)

Lori Ann said...

Micah really is adorable! And Lucas sounds sweet, I hope he has a fabulous birthday!

Mare said...

Love the costume! Sweet sweet little Lucas...love that guy - he always gives me great hugs in nursery - hope he had a great birthday!