Micah has been on reflux medicine and it's working, he's not spitting up so much. But he's still been having some pains. So after a week, I took him to the pediatrician today. I've been off of milk, but apparently now I need to take out dairy, soy, AND wheat. Flour? How am I going to live without bread? I am whining a little, but I hope this helps Micah feel better. He's such a happy boy when he's not in pain, it's very clear when he is and like any mother, my heart hurts when he does. I did ask if there's an alternative, and there is. Very expensive(and therefore not preferred) formula that is hypoallergenic. ....not to mention that Micah won't drink from a bottle anymore, even if it is Mommy's milk. This time around, nursing is tough. Good thing I love my little chubby boy!
Lucas and Cobin are so excited...next week their only cousin is coming for a visit! We can't wait to see some family again. ( :

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Karlee said...

Udi's gluten free bread is good if it's toasted. They also sell some yummy chocolate muffins in the freezer section.