No pictures... so I might be a boring blogger. This update may be a little jumbled mix of thoughts... We had a very busy thanksgiving. All kinds of family and friends stopped through, we were packed in here! Good part about that was that others helped out in the kitchen! James got to try out snowboarding with them, but didn't get too good at it because he banged up his knee. He is currently trying to get in shape...so he doesn't get massacred in a few weeks for his physical fitness test. We are packing up and moving out on Dec. 16th, so we've been doing all of the things to get ready for that...and there's a lot to do. I made up a list of at least 20 places (bills, etc) we need to alert of our address change!!! and, the bigger the family gets, the more things we seem to find to pack. A certain song comes to mind..."Momma, I'm coming hoooome." Texas here we come! (temporarily at least)

Last night I had my final voice/piano recital here... ) : I will miss my wonderful students! Since I have stopped eating dairy, wheat, and soy, I have rapidly been losing my baby weight, and Micah has been feeling lots better. Last but not least........We bought a new tv. Between the two of us, we have not purchased a television. EVER. not even when we were teenagers. LOL, But we did buy a Wii, so we were playing it on a donated 8, maybe 10 inch screen. Now we can play on our 32 inch flatscreen! Anybody wanna try to beat us on Mariokart? Give us a call!

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Lori Ann said...

Good luck with the move. I can't imagine doing all the packing, etc. with your 3 boys! I had to cut out dairy with Xander and I will say the non dairy diet works fast! I'm glad I didn't have to cut out wheat and soy too. I got my ice cream fix with Soy Dream. But, it's worth it to have a happy baby!