Weekend update

This weekend was one I'll never forget. First off, Daddy and Cobin built a 6 foot 2 inches four tiered snowman. Pretty nice, we have a permanent greeter near the walkway to our door.

Then I hosted the first recital for my voice and piano students. I was nervous, though I shouldn't have been cause I wasn't doing any performing. It went great and I was really happy with all of my student's performances. Here are most of my students with me and the accompanist, Leah. (I'm not sure why, there's a creepy spot on my shirt that wasn't there, maybe another camera's glare?)


Whetton Family said...

What a huge snowman! We are so jealous of the snow. So I have been wanting to call you, since I missed seeing you when you were out here due to me being an idiot! I totally forgot when Laura's party was. Anyway I was pretty upset that I missed you. I am glad to hear you guys are doing well and hope you will let us know when you will be out here again! We miss you guys! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Mare said...

That is a great snowman - I think the nose is the best part. Congrats on the recital. It's amazing to see all of your students - you've just barely hit 1 year of being here. I guess you are improving the world one voice at a time!