October festivities

Earlier this month I used my sewing machine...for a few days straight. I sewed my sister in law's baby shower gift...it's a girl!! Nice to use some pink fabric for someone in the family!
Then I made a couple of festive pillows. I saw some BOO ones similar to these online, and I wanted to make something else to match, so I dreamed up the cat pillow. I want to make a wall hanging with these fabrics, but seeing as how today is halloween, it will be waiting till another year.Lucas's original due date was today...Oct. 31st! But he arrived on the 26th and so we had a birthday party recently. This little man is now 4! He wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake, so he got one, with lots of sparkling candles for some extra excitement.And lastly, we had our church's halloween party saturday night. Cobin was an army man, Micah matched, but had a pumpkin jacket on some of the time.....and Lucas was superman. On the way there, Lucas was telling what he'd do if someone saw him: "They'll think I'm superman, but I'll tell them, No, I'm just dressed up as him. I'm Lucas!"And here, Cobin's photography skills captured Huckleberry Finn(you can't see my highwaters) and a 70's tennis player...possibly John McEnroe with a clean mouth. Thank goodness for everyones sake I talked James out of wearing really short white shorts. His argument: it'd be way more authentic...

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