I have been planning my ten year anniversary perhaps since before we got married-Hawaii.  The one place I have wanted to visit in my lifetime was Hawaii.  I would like to visit other places, but Hawaii is the place on the top of my list, by a big margin.  We were going to go to Japan this year (our 9th anniversary) and to Hawaii next, but some kinks in our plans threw us to Hawaii this year instead.  My mom came to babysit the kids while James and I went for a week.  And somehow we were able to swing it practically free!  We were so blessed to be able to go and I want to cherish it with a blog post full of some of my favorite pictures.


Tara H said...

Congrats on ten years! And Hawaii! Woohooo! It's good to get caught up on your blog- James' boat- that's cool! And Canada- looks like you guys had an awesome time. We also had similar wonderful service and fun in Vancouver- is that's where you were at?

Lauren said...

Tara, I updated my post, I worded it wrong, our 9th was this year. Ten next year! Yes we went to Vancouver. It was awesome!

Mare said...

Wow! Congrats! I love your hair btw!