Last week we took a trip south. We hung out with some friends in Oklahoma City for a couple of days before we went on to Ft. Worth. Daddy took his chemistry final (and made a 96 on it, woohoo!) while both grandmas and a great grandma of the boys and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Then Grandma Pearl got us a hookup at a bed and breakfast. I've always wanted to go, and it was so nice, they even made heart shaped gingerbread cookies and iced them with our names. Of course, I left my camera somewhere else. Now that James is in his first full time job, I can really appreciate the vacation time the government gives.
We got back Sunday night and on tuesday I had a minor surgery. All went well, I'm just doing this post on a little bit of Percacet. hopefully it's coherent...( :

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Heather said...

Isn't the Fort Worth Zoo awesome?? We went there this past year and I loved it. Hope you are recovering well from surgery! Looks like you had a great vacation!