It has set in. James is gone for four months, and a big chunk of that I don't get to talk to him on a cell phone. That's military life, I guess. I am definitely a little saddened, but I do have a game plan, so I won't be bored...as if I could really be that bored raising 3 kids 4 and under alone. I'd like to keep working on playing the ukulele James bought me for my birthday. And, my sis in law is a fitness guru and gave me a workout plan, which is great since I do "lazy" workouts and just run. Cobin was doing them with me, and today I let him use my 1 lb. dumbells.
James's birthday was the 6th, the big 3-0. He didn't really want a party or anything, so we had a low-key celebration, just us and the kiddos. I made him some themed cupcakes(supposed to be anchors). They were last minute, so they weren't all that complex and I didn't get a great pic, but heres what I have.
Here is a picture of my big boy Micah. See his rolls? hehe
And, I am no longer the proud owner of a minivan. I really did like it. But I've moved on...to this:
It's a 2008 Ford Explorer. I really like that I can fit all three carseats right behind me. There is a third row if we need it someday. Sunroof and leather seats, woohoo!


lauren said...

Wow! I like your new car. Why did the minivan get the boot? Just so you know...I wasn’t ignoring you =) I did get your text and thanks for sending it. My Mom was here for two weeks and just left on Tuesday. I’m still easing back into normal life. December was an out of control month! Potty training this week!

Lori Ann said...

Your little chubster Micah is so cute! And I love the new car. Good luck without James, I wish I lived near you so the boys could come over to give you a break (Xander would love that!).

Lauren and James said...

Lauren- The van was starting to cost about the same as its worth in repairs...and with james being gone I wanted something reliable. Good luck with potty training!

Lori- I wish we lived near you guys too, Xander and my older guys would have a blast!

Mare said...

Glad to know you are in good hands. We miss seeing you guys...I could go for a good game of settlers!
Love the new wheels!

lauren said...

I love your picture!