Catching up

I'll go backwards....Here are my little boys for Halloween. Introducing: Pete and Pete's dragon, Elliot. On Oct. 26, Lucas turned two! He's been pretty obsesseded with balloons, so here's the best cake I could come up with.
And he's been potty training! He's not taking to it quite like Cobin did, but he's doing pretty good. And he obviously loved the potty book that says "Yea" or "Uh-oh" from Pappy.

Earlier this month I got to fly out (all by myself!) to St. Louis to sing at some college friends' wedding. Here's the happy couple:

Me and Katie:
Me and Chrissy (twin sis)
And some of my girlfriends from my old ward. Yes, that's a Scentsy party.

Overall it's been a fun fall so far!

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