Being the idiot on the side of the road..

Today, I was the idiot on the side of the road. I was driving slow on the ice, on my way to costco and there was about an inch drop off to the non existant curb/shoulder. Did I mention that the road was so covered with snow and ice you can't see the lane marker paint... well, everyone else was doing fine, I thought I could too. It was just me and the boys, James was at work. Driving along, got down the one inch shoulder and the ice took hold and took me right off the road. I got the van in so deep that when I opened my driver side door, (turned nearly 360 degrees around, facing traffic) I was pushing the snow aside. The sheriff and a couple other guys helped get me out with a tow line. I didn't go to costco, just straight home. It is now top on my list to get snow tires.

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