Here's the Downlow

So, I held off from sharing the possibility, hoping it might not come true, but it has. We're moving to Colorado. The business in STL won't be steady for a little while, and has no benefits. So we looked around for secure jobs and James sent in his resume. He went in for the interview and beat out a couple others for the job offer. It's in Eagle, near Aspen, Breckenridge and Vail, some of the most famous places for skiing....so if you're looking to ski, give us a call!

Even though we are detouring, we still plan on returing to St. Louis after a while. Now we're not close to our near family in Texas or friends and family in StL, but this is where the Lord has designated as our next home, so we're gonna make the best of it. (and learn to ski/snowboard in the process)

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