We're back...

We made it safely home. We spent a couple of days before we left with nothing in the house so that we could sell it before we left, and we got everything else packed. We spent one whole day at the airports of tapachula(mexico), mexico city, houston and dallas texas with no luggage to show for it. After a billion phone calls to houston (which is where we saw it last) it was sent to DFW so we could pick it up the next evening. But we are absolutely THRILLED to be back home and with family. So a couple of things I've learned from living in Guatemala are: The US impacts probably every country in the world, so we have respect (and disrespect) from everywhere. In some ways the US pales in comparison to the beauty of central america. I am 100% more grateful for pesticide trucks, the dog people that take away strays, and good roads(this may be number 1). Cooked right, I love diets of entirely fresh food from the market, it just takes a lot longer to prepare. US citizens are lucky and (i think) take a lot of things for granted, like free public school. Don't complain to me about teachers, some children don't get any! I learned a lot of spanish and mayan culture that is to me priceless. This post isn't organized at all, but I just needed to get some of these things out. Living in Guatemala was such an experience that I've been humbled tremendously. I'm so glad we did it, but I'm ready for some time home. For a couple of weeks we'll be spending time with our parents in Texas.....warning, blog posts may be spaced out.

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