Another Day in the Field

If Aaron Richardson can have his own blog, the least I can do is write on our Family Blog (this is James obviously). So I was reading Aaron's blog where he talks about the Chubb trail in Eureka, MO and I thought, "I wonder if he'd like biking out here with me on the narrow little paths between the corn fields surrounded by mountains..." So here is an example of what it looks like when I go out into the field to speak K'iche' and do ethnograpy with the locals. I go out with my K'iche' tutor usually two or three times a week; the bike rides usually last around a half an hour to an hour, and it pretty much all looks like this. I could take the car, but I have to leave it and walk quite a ways on foot, so it's just easier to take the bike. It is awesome, but the path in the picture is twice the size of most of the paths I have to go on, and I've taken out a few corn stalks on more than one occasion...It is certainly one of the things I will miss most about Guatemala. In K'iche' they say "tajin katinik ri q'ij" which means "the sun is taking a bath." Not sure why, but it is really cool looking. Ever see anything like it? (and no, it's not the camera. The sky really did this)
My favorite food is Ceviche. This particular bowl has octopus, shrimp, tomato, onion, cilantro, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, salt, and a ton of lime (or is it lemon?)
Like father like son!

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