Adventures of the Weekend

Saturday morning we decided we wanted to check out the zoo here. We got there and there were venders everywhere at the entrance and we bought Cobin a little helicopter that works when you push it....it was only 12 quetzales which is equivalent to about $1.50. He loves it, paid more attention to that than the animals or the park. So what's a Guatemalan zoo like? Pretty small....I'll try to remember the animals that they did have: turtles, rabbits, jaguars, monkeys, coyotes, parrots, owls, racoons, and some possom looking things. They also had a few animals that I don't think we've seen before; all the animals were native and they had a map that showed where they are common in Guatemala. And again the playground was probably made in the 70's but it's better than nothing.

We were running late so we decided to get Wendy's, the first time since we've been here because it's kinda expensive, I was so excited to get a frosty! Well, on the way home we got into an accident, the worst I've ever been in. The Wendy's we were all excited about was wet all over the floor.. ) : No one here observes stop signs, they're more like slow down signs, and now neither does my husband. There was a van in the way and the other guy sped up to try to beat it, but James didn't see it. The other car was undrivable, the wheel at a 45 degree angle, but our car was relatively unhurt. This cheap Kia Rio sure is holding up for us! No one was hurt, thank goodness but it was a long day.....we all had to sit in the car through naptime, but of course no one was napping. Days like these sure do put life and the important things into perspective.

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