Miscellaneous Stuff...

We went to the temple in Guatemala City, the capital here. An old mission companion and his wife had an extra room for us and were so great, they kept Cobin. The drive was quite an adventure with the four hour ride through rain and potholes, and crazy drivers! James fits in quite well..
We got some things from my mom and for Cobin's birthday, she gave Cobin some rubber cowboy boots. He loves them, even wore them to church today. Cobin has been potty trained for a month and we are so excited to have only one boy in diapers! Props to Amy Petersen for the method. He's been learning still in Spanish and English, and recently he's been learning to count. He understands quantities up to five, but he has his own way of counting. When he's about to kick a ball or wants us to pick him up when we are walking holding his hands, he counts: "One, Two, Tres" He's so cute sometimes! We've corrected him, but I guess he just likes that mix, because he continues on counting that way.

James and I recently disputed with his grandmother over the existence of four leaf clovers. She was right, they do exist. We found proof in our backyard!
And we don't really have many family pictures up, so here's another one right before we left for our weekend adventure. Cobin's saying hello!

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