Cobin's 2nd

Here are a few pictures from Cobin's birthday party. Cobin's been reading Winnie the Pooh and talks all the time about him, so we got a Tigger pinata. (there was a winnie the pooh one but it was really little, like a foot tall) We had to get a pinata because everyone gets a pinata for birthday parties here. The Tigger was at least as tall as Cobin, so in the picture, this was as close as he would get to it. Our neighbor told us before we hung it that we bought one without sweets. We didn't even know you could buy them without sweets, we'd never bought one before. Luckily enough, the same neighbor had some already at their house. Cobin warmed up to the pinata when everyone started beating it with a stick. Looking back, I don't know that we should have encouraged him to beat a lifesized animal looking thing.

Cobin's favorite thing that day was his new tricycle. He and his daddy have been taking bike rides on an adult's bike, somewhat unsafely, but now he has his own. He loves it!
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