Flying Solo

James is in the states. This is the first time that we've been away from each other for this long (going on two weeks) but he'll return soon. I've a deeper appreciation for him after having to get up when both kiddos do and staying up till they go to sleep. Normally I will get up with Cobin, and if Lucas hasn't decided to sleep before I want to, James takes care of him. I think they sense that somethings different in the house and haven't been quite as happy as normal, so they've been needing even more attention than normal from me. I've been happy to give it, but feel slightly drained emotionally. What am I going to do if we have more children? I feel so far my patience has grown with each child, maybe that trend will continue...

I'm so excited James is bringing a new camera home! (I can't believe it, I just called Guatemala home, so wierd) The old one was starting to decide whether or not it wanted to work for us... So when I get it I'm gonna go picture crazy! I've already got ideas for baby pics for Lucas. We've never done the family pictures, but I want to have pictures of my little ones to see when they aren't so little.

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