We are settling in to our new home. There is one problem with a ton of space...my toddler has the frequently used nickname of Sneakyboy. Micah is often in the snack cabinet, which is going to be moved to a higher one, I just haven't done it yet. There are also some ways you just can't baby-proof some homes. The day after we got here, my legs were so sore from carting things up and down stairs...but my body has finally gotten used to the stairs, which is good because it's the only workout I've been getting.
Last night we had some friends over despite our still messy-from-the-move house. They have kids just about the same ages as ours and all 4 big kids played hide and seek while we chatted. They were having so much fun we heard no complaints from the kids all evening, and it was so cute to see them decide to do it. We'd only played one one floor before, but they decided to play on 3 levels.
DH is leaving tomorrow for a week and a half...I'm a little nervous just being in a new place by myself so soon. Keeping myself busy is the only thing that makes the evenings pass better. Oh yea, I have an audiobook I've been ignoring, time to charge my ipod!

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The Kelly Family said...

The new house looks AMAZING!!!