Happy St. Patrick's Day

We love a good reason to do fun stuff, and St. Patty's Day is another. I found this link to free printables for sorting and graphing lucky charms. I don't normally buy sugar cereal, but the boys were in for a treat! I also bought mint chocolate chip ice cream under the premise that it's green. ( :
And one of the perks of our home, a huge cast iron claw footed bathtub. All the boys love to take baths in there, as you can see. Actually, so do I but with hubby gone it's not something I have been getting to enjoy. Next week Aunt Jackie and this little cutie Reagan are coming to stay with us until their house closes. (Uncle Ryan is driving up.) We are so excited to see the newest addition and .....to have family nearby!!! Yay!!

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Mare said...

Wow - Can't believe how big those boys are getting. Your youngest was SO little last time we saw him! Beautiful little guys.