I can hardly contain my excitement. In two days we get the keys to our new home. (rental-as always) We took a paycut for this new job, and so we got a smaller, older home. Not just older, but not in the best condition. It wasn't bad, well except that it only has one bathroom. I'll never make that mistake again. Here are the photos-the blue being our current, the yellow being our new:
We had tried to get into this house before, but it was still occupied. We might be eating a couple of months rent in the old home, but we think it's worth it. Also- the old home is in an ok, but not so great neighborhood, while the new one is in a state park!!! Oh yea, we can see the beach from our front porch! Some more stats-old home: very little storage, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. New home: 3 bedrooms, one office, 2.5 bath, cellar for washroom, storage, and oh yea, and extra floor with 4 rooms-I'm thinking playroom, storage, workout room, music room. I don't even know yet. The office will allow us to dedicate a room to homeschool. Right now half of my bedroom is taken up with two desks and books and computer stuff. The pictures are a little misguiding because the new home is actually a duplex, we will get the left half. The blue home looks teeny, but it is really narrow and long. There are three bedrooms, and two living rooms. One more plus is that we don't have to take care of any lawncare, since it is a park. woohoo! So we've been packing, packing packing. I think I'm done counting the moves since we got married.

A couple of weeks ago my husband planned a special date night for us. He didn't tell me where we were going, but to dress up. We went to a masquerade waltz ball! We had to wear masks for a portion of the evening.....kind of dramatic, but this was put on by liberal arts people. We don't have too many expensive dates, but it's really nice to do things like that every now and then.

And lastly, I got a couple of pictures of our house cat: ( : He makes me smile.


Bethany said...

Kaitlyn and Jake pretend to be animals all the time, usually dogs, but sometimes cats, tigers and/or lions.
Congrats on the new home, looks beautiful . . . and all the space!

Mare said...

Wow - Congratulations! How exciting for you!!! Wishing you happy packing and moving. :)