My Brother's Wedding

Last week my mom came for a visit. Then we went to Denver to celebrate my brother's wedding. Here are the bride and groom:
Aren't they a cute couple?
Their wedding was beautiful, but the reception was amazing! Here was the balcony view from the clubhouse at the reception.According to my aunt, the best way to not have a cheesy camera smile is to puff up your cheeks right before #3. She then proceeded to take a picture of my dad and I at #2. I know we got in a good picture after this...I just can't find it.
This week hubby was gone on a work trip, and he worked out with a mega-fit coworker. He was so impressed with how hard he worked and how quick he looked big. He was swollen....even 5 days later and still really sore. So he did look great, but we started getting worried when his urine had pink in it. Off to the ER. I didn't think to get a picture, but it looked like he was right when he joked that he was allergic to working out---he looked like he was retaining water. Turns out there's a sickness he is enduring as a result which can lead to kidney failure (from trying to eliminate all the blood that released into his muscles) He is staying for about 48 hours with an IV to try to flush out his system. I gave him a book to read before he left....he's finally reading the Jane Austen book (Northanger Abbey) I asked him to read a year or two ago! He'll be fine according to the doctor. I am so happy we have great coverage, after all this is the second ER/hospital trip in a couple of months... Who knew we were such a drama-filled family?

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Bethany said...

Love your short hair.
Hope you are enjoying the Northwest.