Micah turns 1

I just found this. I'm sure I took it, I just can't remember it...but how could I have forgotten?!? HAHAHA! This is a keeper...the kind I might pull out when he's engaged to a girl I don't like and I'll ask "Are you sure you want your babies to look like this?" Then I'll put on the movie Shrek. hehe, j/k
This one was intended for a mohawk shot, which didn't work because it just flopped over....but we love because it shows how happy he usually is.
Micah just had a birthday, his first. Or second depending on how you count. Here we are making the mandatory messy dark cake.
At first he didn't like the cakey texture and kept spitting it out, but....with a little convincing he ate it all up. Here's the result:

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Gordon and Alana said...

So precious and sweet. Three cheers for baby boys! :o)