June 28th James and I celebrated 8 years of marriage! I am happy to have my best friend to share my trials and joys with. This year was his turn to plan and organize our adventure, and he decided on whale watching. It was amazing! Of course my camera died and I didn't have backup batteries. We did get one photo:
We had a great time, hired a babysitter for the entire day and drove up close to the Canadian border. The little islands we went around were so pretty. On the way to find them, we saw lots of animals such as sea lions and various birds. The whale watching was amazing though, we found a pod of 3 orcas and followed them for a bit. The guy leading the trek said that they were mother, son, and daughter. We actually did wander into Canadian waters, so maybe I can count another country of places visited...j/k. We also ate at a seafood place outside on the patio because the weather was perfect! Thanks honey, I love you!

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