Grandpa's Visit

This past week Grandpa and soon to be Grandma Sharon came to visit us. Cobin got his first big boy bed....up from the toddler bed. We had some adventures and celebrated his birthday a little early, he turns three June 9th!

For Fathers Day we made some stepping stones from the boys' handprints. They didn't harden enough, so they were still in the casts when we made them.

Here is a picture of Cobin trying his best to hold up just three fingers. It was so funny, and then when he was done he told us that he blew out "three fires" ...aka candles. ( : He had a blast with all the birthday booty. We drove my dad out to see Lake Sylvan. We all want to go camping there, it is so beautiful, right near our home. Cameras don't do it justice.


kellyfamily4 said...

What a great idea for father's day...i think we'll do those too? Where did you find the kit?

Lauren and James said...

The kits for the stepping stones was at a Michael's in Texas. They were so simple to do too!

Mare said...

I love the lake photo...it is just so pretty up there. Congrats on the big boy bed - that's such a huge step! Can't wait to see the stepping stones. I have two of those kits and just haven't ever done it. You've inspired me to get them out and see what we can do with them!